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USC/Dr. George Tyndall Litigation: JJS Can Help You Seek Justice

Janet, Janet & Suggs (JJS), in collaboration with Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos (AWST), has been on the front lines of advising and representing hundreds of women who were victimized by Dr. George Tyndall at USC. If you were inappropriately touched, harassed, photographed, or violated by Dr. Tyndall, we can help if you contact us as soon as possible.  

USC’s proposed settlement of one class action has been preliminarily approved by the court, but many believe that the settlement is totally inadequate for the thousands of victims involved and that it is simply an attempt by USC to get closure quickly in order to prevent the public from learning the true extent of its complicity in ignoring Dr. Tyndall’s conduct. We can assist you in deciding whether an individual suit or a class action claim is in your best interest, and we can help make your voice heard and get the justice you deserve no matter what path you choose.

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USC gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall is alleged to have inappropriately touched, harassed, photographed, and violated hundreds of patients in a setting where they were particularly vulnerable over his nearly 30-year career. USC helped him do it.
Reports indicate that USC received numerous complaints of Tyndall’s sexually abusive behavior as early as 1991, but that USC administrators failed to take action and allowed him to continue mistreating his patients for almost thirty years.
USC has ignored the complaints until they couldn’t any longer, and then they paid a settlement to Dr. Tyndall to allow him to resign quietly.


The public deserves to know all the details about USC’s mishandling of this alleged sexual predator.
According to outside experts, the actions of Dr. Tyndall during  his examinations fall outside the expected care for a gynecologist. Many victims may be unaware of this.


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According to the an  LA Times article, Dr. Tyndall engaged in a number of "unprofessional and inappropriate behaviors" with his patients, including:

  • Photographing patients' genitals
  • Making inappropriate comments or remarks about patients' bodies, sexual activities, ethnicities and religious beliefs
  • Requiring patients to submit to nude "full body" exams
  • Inappropriately "probing" patients with fingers during exams
  • Inappropriately touching or fondling patients' genitals or bodies during exams
  • Other behaviors that fall outside the expected standard of care for gynecologists

JJS is in the process of gathering additional details regarding the scope of Dr. Tyndall's alleged activities. If, at any time, you were a patient of Dr. Tyndall, you may be a victim and may have a case.

JJS & AWST are proud to have filed the first class-action lawsuits against USC in California State Court 

Arias, Sanguinetti, Wang & Torrijos, LLP has proven trial experience - having tried cases involving major personal injuries, class actions, mass plaintiff wage and hour claims, wrongful death, products liability, medical malpractice, and employment issues. Over the last 30+ years, the firm's attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the firm's clients. 

Kate Harvey-Lee, a Senior Trial Lawyer at AWST, is participating in the representation of class members. A tireless advocate for the rights of victims and women, Kate brings extensive experience in complex litigation and class action matters. She has successfully resolved hundreds of matters during her career and helped to recover millions of dollars for her clients through verdicts and settlements.


 The national law firm of Janet, Janet & Suggs has delivered justice for thousands of women abused by gynecologist pelvic and breast exams. Violations have included unnecessary and inappropriate probing, touching, comments, and photography. 

Our proven track record of success includes a historic $190M settlement with Johns Hopkins Hospital regarding sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct by OB/GYN, Dr. Nikita Levy. The settlement secured by JJS is one of the largest in a sexual abuse case against a single abuser in U.S. history and helped approximately 8,000 women abused by Dr. Levy get the justice they deserved. 

The JJS Sexual Abuse Division is led by Richard M. Serbin, a crusader in the fight against sexual abuse by clergy. For 30+ years, Richard has fought to expose the appalling actions of priests and church leaders as these "men of God" concealed evidence and accounts in "secret archives" of child molestation, abuse, and rape of innocent boys and girls. Richard secured the only verdict to date against a child predator priest, his Bishop, and Diocese in Pennsylvania and one of only a handful nationwide at the time.


Hundreds of women have already come forward and contacted us. Let your voice be heard so that justice is served.

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